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Our Artists

We are the artists with the Zumi Records team .

With a wide variety of original sounds !

A Record Label started and owned by artists, not major corporations?


Do you listen to all kinds of music???

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The uniqueness in all of the DreamLand productions is easily found in the feel of the music. 

Everything from our Indie to Trap songs have been made by zumi and Zúme Zúme laying down guitar tracks, piano tracks, etc. With Xander, ANT, Rius, and Lucho adding their personalized flavors with their melodies and lyrics, we create something new and original that no one has heard before. 

Artists in Zumi Records have individual songs as well as featured songs, and full group songs with beats flavored in inspiration anywhere from; Bossanova, Soul, Hip Hop, Reggae, Jazz, Pop, RnB, Reggaeton.

All of the artists on the label with featured songs together of 3 or more artists go on DreamLand's 'Zumi Records Productions' pages.

We don't have any target audience. Our target audience is actually people who love and appreciate ALL KINDS OF MUSIC!!! 

  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • Youtube
  • Apple Music
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