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Ezra Imaizumi is a singer, songwriter, multi-instumentalist, and producer. zumi's music has its influences from an eclectic collection of sounds, ranging from samba and funk, to soul, jazz, reggae, r&b, hip hop, salsa, bossa and more. He plays most instruments fluently, as the majority of recorded tracks feature him on piano, guitar, bass, trumpet, sax, and more, singing in english, spanish, and portuguese.

zumi has performed and collaborated with; Multidimensional artist and producer FR33SOL, R&B + Soul grammy-nominated record producer and Donald Robinson, Puerto Rican salsa band Los Pleneros de Severo, Philadelphia Jazz Bassist Gerald Veasley with his Unscripted Jazz Series at SOUTH, Philadelphia Jazz Pianist Micah Graves, and more. He also makes music with the Zumi Records artists; RiusTefo DisneyLyrica and Robb, who are the three singers who make up The Zumettes. His uncles are singer-songwriter George Stanford, Hawaiian Jazz Pedal Steeler Slowey from Slowey and the Boats and Sam and George with their band Lovetape.

zumi has performed in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Philly, El Salvador. His tracks are mainly written by him, and recorded and produced by him and his brother Ruben Imaizumi.

zumi is also heard writing, producing, and playing the instruments in the Zumi Records Productions songs, produced and managed by Ruben; with creations visible in the Zumi Records Vibes playlist

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